Is Meeting For Coffee Wasting Your Time?

kelowna accountantI truly believe in the power of networking. The need for a business owners to expand their network, expand their knowledge of others; including potential referrals, clients and competitors.

Although we all want more referrals and clients, when the prospect of meeting a new contact for coffee comes up, we aren’t always jumping out of our seats to commit to an appointment immediately.

This is because of a few reasons:

  1. It takes time
  2. Time is money
  3. You don’t always know what the meeting is about
  4. The benefits of the meeting are not always immediately clear before it happens

Is it worth your while to meet someone new for coffee? Yes, as long as everyone meeting knows why we are having coffee in the first place. We all know how disappointing it is to think you’re meeting up with a potential new client or strategic partner only to realize you’ve walked right into a sales pitch.  Don’t be afraid to set the tone of the meeting ahead of time, your contact will appreciate this also.

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There’s No Rhyme Without A Reason

kelowna accountantIf you know why you’re having coffee, then it’s worthwhile to do it. Everyone you’re meeting should be met with for a reason.

That reason can be pleasure, business, getting to know that person or their business, understanding what type of clients that person is looking for – there are many different reasons. The point is that you should know whatever that reason is advance of the meeting. In business, there always has to be a reason.

I get invited out to lunches or coffee quite regularly and often have one big question in my mind: Why?

If the reason for meeting is to catch up on the family, that’s a great reason and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you still need to have a reason.

In personal situations with friends, you don’t need another reason other than  being a good friend! When planning to go out for coffee, lunch or dinner with a business associate, always know why you’re doing it. Period.

There’s Only 24 Hours In A Day

I generally despise using the phrase “time is money” but we all have the same 24 hours in a day and we need to decide how we spend our valuable time.

Is it important for you to go out for coffee? The answer is:

  • If it fits your time
  • If there’s a reason to do it

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kelowna accountantThe Reality

These small networking opportunities are valuable but it’s not quite like shooting fish in a barrel. You will inevitably go through a few “time-wasters” to get to the gold but what business isn’t like that? Ask your friendly, neighbourhood salesperson and they will give you a heaping dose of reality on this topic!

Be cautious not to discourage yourself and start closing doors on opportunity.  Make sure you’re being reasonable with your time. After all, you don’t have very much of it!

How do you manage consistent inquiries from colleagues and new contacts for coffee meetings? Leave a message in the comments below.



2 Responses to Is Meeting For Coffee Wasting Your Time?

  • Yes meeting for coffee is worth the time and energy. This is based on if the reason of this meet up and the time specifications are agreed upon in advance. Always keep in mind your travel time, parking availabitly and the time it takes for the service If this isn’t in your routine do so, call the day before with the confirmation of the date, time and location.

  • Enjoyed the article. I totally agree that networking is key to business and you never know when or where a wonderful opportunity will arise.

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